Project Management (Turn-key and Shipyard Project, Maintenance and Organization, QA/QC Package)

These services encompass a range of activities aimed at effectively ensuring smooth project execution, adherence to quality standards and efficient maintenance operations. in the oil and gas industry.

Engineering Design and Analysis (FEM and Classic Approach, Offshore Design, Conversion Redesign)

Utilizing various approaches and advanced methodologies to develop designs, perform structural analysis and support offshore design and conversion redesign projects in the oil and gas industry.

Survey and Consulting

We offer survey and consulting services, which involve conducting surveys and assessments as well as providing expert advice to support decision-making and optimize operational efficiency in your industry.

General Steel Work Replacement/Renewal

Our services extend to the replacement or renewal of steel structures, components, and equipment to ensure their integrity, functionality, operational efficiency and safety.

Access Platform Installation

This involves the design, fabrication, and installation of elevated platforms or structures to provide safe and convenient access for maintenance, inspection, and operational activities.

Derrick Structural Modification/Repair/Assembly

It focuses on the assessment, modification, repair, and assembly of derrick structures used in drilling operations and for maintaining their structural integrity, safety, and functionality.

Jack-up Leg and Spud Can Repairs

Jack-up leg and spud can repair services are essential for maintaining the integrity, stability, and operational efficiency of jack-up drilling rigs used in the offshore oil and gas industry.

Cofferdam Services – In water Repairs (Dry Welding)

With proper assessment and planning, Cofferdam services are focused on providing a controlled and dry working environment for underwater repair activities.

Ultra High-Pressure Water Blasting

Ultra high-pressure water blasting is a specialized technique that utilizes advanced technologies to perform surface preparation, cleaning, and removal of various contaminants or coatings.

Painting (Airless Spray and Brush Application)

Our Paintingservices help in protecting surfaces, structures, equipment and assents in your industry from corrosion, environmental damage and aesthetic degradation.

Maintenance and Installation Projects

Our services encompass a wide range of maintenance and installation projects and help in maintaining operational efficiency, reliability, and safety.

Rigging and Lifting

Being an integral part of our engineering, repair, and maintenance projects, this service helps with the safe and efficient movement, positioning, and installation of heavy objects, equipment, and structures.
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