Sand / Grit Blasting Services

This surface preparation technique helps remove contaminants, coatings, rust, scale, or other unwanted substances from the surface of pipes or other metallic structures.

High-Pressure Water Blasting

Utilizing water jets at high pressure, this pipe maintenance service helps clean and remove debris, deposits, coatings, and other unwanted substances from the interior or exterior surfaces of pipes.

Internal Turbo-Cleaning (Rattling) Services

The pipe maintenance service is used for the removal of deposits, scale, and other accumulated materials from the interior surfaces of pipes and to restore their performance.

Internal Flue Brush Cleaning Services

It focuses on cleaning the internal surfaces of flue pipes used in heating systems, furnaces, boilers, and chimneys to carry exhaust gases away from the combustion process and improve its functioning.

Internal and External Coating Services

Being an essential part of pipe maintenance, internal and external coating serve as a barrier between the pipe material and the surrounding environment, protecting the pipes from degradation and extending their lifespan.

External Buffing / Cleaning Services

This process involves cleaning and polishing the external surfaces of pipes to remove dirt, rust, scale, corrosion and other contaminants to improve the appearance.

Miscellaneous Inspection / Maintenance Services

Miscellaneous Inspection / Maintenance Services are aimed at maintaining the integrity, efficiency, and safety of pipeline systems. It helps prevent costly repairs, ensure regulatory compliance and extend the service life of the pipes.

Crew Services (Stacking, Bundling & Collaring) Service

Crew services involving stacking, bundling and collaring practices minimize the risk of accidents, facilitate inventory management, and contribute to the overall pipe maintenance.

Videoscope ID Inspection Services

We utilize a videoscope, a rigid instrument equipped with a camera and lighting system to inspect the internal condition of pipes without the need for extensive disassembly or excavation.

Ultra-Violet (Black Light) Inspection

A pipe maintenance technique used to detect certain types of defects or anomalies that are not easily visible under normal lighting conditions.

NDT Radiographic Testing Services

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) radiographic testing services, also known as X-ray testing or radiography assess the integrity and detect internal defects in pipes.

Shoulder Refacing Services

Performed on drill pipes, drill collars, and other tubular components used in drilling operations, this service helps restore the shoulder area and ensure proper make-up and connection integrity, reducing the risk of leaks, failures and more.

Pipe Straightening Services

As a part of pipe maintenance services, this involves correcting any bends, kinks, or deformations in pipes to restore their straightness minimizing the risk of leaks or structural failures.
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