UWILD (Underwater Inspection in Lieu of Dry-Docking)

The inspection and assessment of offshore assets, such as subsea structures, pipelines, and vessels, without the need for dry-docking to ensure they remain operational in the water.

NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) MPI, Eddy Current, Cathodic Protection Readings, Alternating Current Field Measurement

These Non-Destructive Testing methods help assess the integrity and condition of subsea assets without causing damage to the structures being inspected.

Cofferdam Installation

This involves the placement and sealing of temporary structures to create a dry working environment around subsea assets while utilizing specialized equipment and following environmental regulations.

Subsea Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging (UTG)

Subsea UTG is an effective method for monitoring the thickness and corrosion of subsea assets, enabling operators to make informed decisions regarding asset integrity management and maintenance activities.

Close Visual Inspections, Closed Circuit Television Recordings and Still Photography

These specialized subsea services provide visual data to inspect and document the condition of subsea structures, equipment, and pipelines.

SBM Maintenance

SBM (Single Buoy Mooring) maintenance involves inspection, repair, and maintenance of SBM systems used for mooring tankers during loading and offloading operations.

Hull Cleaning and Repair

This specialized service focus on maintaining and repairing the hulls of subsea structures, vessels, and offshore installations for ensuring their integrity and efficiency.

Splash Zone and Boat Landing Repair

Focus on maintaining and repairing the areas of subsea structures and installations that are exposed to the challenging conditions of the splash zone and the boat landing area.


This process involves the injection of a cementitious material into the subsea environment to provide stability, support, and sealing for various subsea structures.

High-Pressure Water Ballasting

A subsea service that involves the controlled injection of high-pressure water into subsea structures or equipment to provide buoyancy, stability, and ballast control.

Underwater Welding and Cutting

Essential for various subsea activities, like installation, repair, maintenance and decommissioning of subsea infrastructure, this process involve welding and cutting operations in underwater environments.

Light Salvage

Involves the recovery or removal of relatively small or lightweight objects or structures from underwater environments with an aim to salvage valuable assets, remove obstructions, or clear navigational hazards in subsea locations.

Airlifting, Search and Recovery

This subsea service uses airlift systems for locating and recovering objects, conducting environmental cleanup, and maintaining the safety and integrity of subsea operations.

Propeller Polishing and Cleaning

Used for the maintenance and optimization of propellers in marine vessels, including ships, submarines, and underwater vehicles to enhance propeller performance, reduce fuel consumption, prevent biofouling, and ensure smooth operation.
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