Acoustic Eye Inspection Services

Utilizes advanced ultrasonic technology to detect and assess wall thickness variations, corrosion and other defects in pipelines and pressure vessels without the need for cutting into the equipment.

CHU Sales and Rental Services

This service involves the provision of Containerized Housing Units (CHUs) for sale or rent. CHUs are modular structures designed to provide temporary or permanent accommodation solutions in various industries and sectors.

Plant Commissioning (Offshore & Onshore) and Process Optimization Services

Here, we focus on ensuring the smooth operation of industrial plants, both offshore and onshore by verifying the functionality of equipment and systems, identifying areas for improvement and optimizing the overall process.

Hoisting and Lifting Survey

This help evaluates equipment, procedures, and practices related to lifting heavy loads and helps identify potential hazards, ensure compliance with regulations, and improve operational efficiency.

DROPS Inspection

DROPS (Dropped Objects Prevention Scheme) inspection allows us to prevent incidents related to dropped objects in industrial settings, particularly in offshore and onshore facilities.

Database Management System

Our specialized services help with the efficient management and organization of data within an organization with an aim to store, retrieve, modify, and secure data effortlessly.

Special Periodical Surveys (SPS)

This involves comprehensive inspections and assessments conducted on offshore platforms, facilities and equipment to ensure their integrity, safety and compliance with industry regulations.

Classification Society(IACS) Approved Periodic Class Surveys

Approved by the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS), these surveys are tailored for offshore platforms, floating production units, and more to ensure compliance with class rules and regulations, verify their structural integrity, and maintain their classification status.

Derrick Inspections (API RP 4G)

A specialized service that focuses on assessing the condition, integrity and safety of derrick structures used in drilling and well servicing operations.

Gauge and Relief Valve Testing and Calibration

This involves the assessment, testing, and calibration of pressure gauges and relief valves to ensure their accuracy, reliability, and compliance with industry standards.

Pressure Vessels Inspection

Thorough examination and assessment and testing to identify potential defects, corrosion, fatigue, or other issues that could compromise the performance and safety of the pressure vessels.

Rope Access Services and Netting Solutions

A specialized service that provides cost-effective solutions for accessing and maintaining equipment, structures, and facilities in challenging and elevated environments.

Magnetic Wire Rope Inspection

Utilizes magnetic techniques to assess the condition and integrity of wire ropes to ensure a safe and reliable operation of lifting and hoisting equipment.

IRT – Infrared Thermography Survey

This NDT uses thermal imaging technology to detect and analyze temperature variations, potential issues, anomalies, or inefficiencies in various systems and components.

Inspection of Ex-equipment (Ex CompEx Inspection Survey)

Specialized services for the inspection of Ex-equipment (Ex CompEx Inspection Survey) involve the assessment and evaluation of electrical and instrumentation equipment installed in hazardous areas, where potentially explosive atmospheres may be present.

Commissioning of Electrical Equipment

This involves thorough and systematic testing, verification, and start-up of electrical systems to ensure their proper functioning, safety, and compliance with applicable standards.

Noise Monitoring

We conduct measurement, analysis, and assessment of noise levels generated by various operations and equipment in order to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and to protect the health and safety of workers.

Concrete Inspection

Concrete structures and components are assessed and evaluated to ensure their integrity, durability, and compliance with industry standards.

Coating Survey

This specialized service involves the assessment and evaluation of protective coatings applied to various assets, such as pipelines, storage tanks, offshore structures, and equipment.
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